Description: The domain of x^3*(x+1)/(x+1) is not recognized properly

Explanation: Maxima treats x^3*(x+1)/(x+1) as x^3

Solution: Sorry, this is the limitation from CAS which is behind the scene.


Description: Derivative of

Explanation: The computation is too long and refused after 10 sec.

Solution: Use your own server and increase time limit.

radcan simplifies derivative of asin((x+1)/(x-1)) in and incorrect way
( sqrt(x^2-2*x+1) is simplified into x-1, not abs(x-1) )

Explanation: Maxima works like this. There are flags which inhibit this
beahvior, but using these flags may cause other problems.

Solution: Do not trust everything computed by CAS or install MAW on your
server and remove radcan from the chain called when simplifying